Excellent Upwork jobs for beginners in 2021

There are several excellent Upwork jobs available for newcomers.
When I initially discovered Upwork, I was a complete novice - I'd never freelanced before, had no experience with the sort of work available on Upwork, and didn't even have a college degree...
With a little bit of hustle and street smarts, I was able to secure enough beginner-friendly assignments to cover all of my costs through freelancing straight away... (And catapult me to my first six-figure year as a freelancer on Upwork.)
Below, I'll go through the Upwork tasks that I've found to be the most welcoming and accessible to newcomers, as well as particular instances from my own personal experience...
But, regardless of which one(s) you choose to attempt, it is critical that you begin .
That is, I propose that you seek very easy, uncomplicated projects that you can do in a matter of hours, if not a day.
That will be beneficial to you in a variety of ways.
For one thing, it is less stressful mentally. Knowing you're swimming at the shallow end of the pool will make you feel safer and more secure since you'll never be in over your head...
It's also a good idea to be conservative in case you misjudge how long work will take.
For example, if you estimate that something would take two hours and it ends up taking twice as long, you'll be working a couple of hours more than you anticipated - not so terrible.!! But if you expect something to take a week and it takes twice as long, you've wasted a week!
Another important reason to start with small, basic projects is that it is simpler for the client to take a risk on you as a beginning when the stakes are low, as compared to a larger job when most would prefer to employ a freelancer with more expertise.!! So, for example, when I talk about creative writing, I'm talking about professions that need a few pages of writing, not a 200-page novel!!!
No, this does not only apply to writing. The same idea can and should applied to all types of employment. A beginning graphic designer, for example, might be better suited to starting with a modest logo design rather than a full-scale company makeover.!! I usually advocate starting small, regardless of the sort of job you want to undertake.
Without further ado, let us discuss the finest Upwork jobs for beginners.

1. Original writing

As a newbie, creative writing might be a wonderful place to start if you stick to modest, easy tasks.
My first Upwork gig was in the creative writing area. The customer needed someone to compose a series of short children's stories.
Most people in my position would look at a job like that and say, "Well, I don't have any experience writing short stories, therefore this wouldn't be a good fit for me, and I shouldn't apply."!
But that's the best way to look at things. I regarded it as a work that even a novice could complete
There are some hints in the job description on why. This is what it sounded like:
We're seeking someone to write 700-word-long children's stories.
The stories will all adhere to the same fundamental structure:
A little kid, accompanied by his parents and his cherished teddy bear, travels to a tourist location.!!
While there, he misplaces his teddy bear, walks off to locate it, and becomes lost. This evolves into a mini-adventure in which he learns three interesting facts about the location he is visiting.!!
He locates his teddy bear and reunited with his parents.
Each narrative, as you can see, is roughly the same. The only things that vary are the locations visited and the three interesting things Billy discovers in his mini-adventure.!!
The fact that the stories themselves were relatively short — 700 words translates to little under two pages — was the first hint that this project would be suitable for beginners.!!
Another hint was the straightforwardness of the text itself. It's the same as following a template. I'm sure any high school student could do it. So I reasoned, why not me?
So, contrary to popular belief, this sounded like an excellent opportunity for a novice like myself.!!
The customer hired me and paid me $20 for each article. Each one took me less than an hour to finish because they were so simple to write, which meant I was getting paid rather well for an entry-level writer with no experience!!!

2. transcribe

Transcription is the process of converting an audio (or video) recording into text.
As a novice, I completed a couple transcribing tasks. on Upwork and everything went . I even got paid up to $30 per hour, which was excellent considering how fresh I was.
I've created a effective technique for performing entry-level transcribing on Upwork, which I'll share with you.!!
An Old Pro (my favorite name for grumpy, insecure freelancers who attempt to frighten newbies away from the game out of fear of competition) slammed me in a LinkedIn group a few years back after hearing me promote transcribing as a decent Upwork job for beginners./...
He even went so far on call my counsel "hazardous." he worried people would electrocuted if they plugged in their laptops? I'm not sure.
My point is that he was ignorant of the technique I'd devised, which had worked so for myself and the others I'd taught it to.!!
I'll show you that system right now. It divided into two steps:

Step 1: Play the audio.

Step 2: Write down what you hear.

That's all there is to it.

I know it's simple.

But it worked for me, and I don't see why it shouldn't work for others as well. I likewise don't understand why anything that works should made more complicated.

Explained video scriptwriter

An explained video is a brief, animated video that describes how something works, such as an app or a product. As an example:
An explained film can also explain a more abstract concept, such as a company's hiring procedure... Or, in fact, anything else.
Every day, hundreds of new explained videos are created, and each one requires a writer to prepare the screenplay before the video can be produced.!!
One of my favorite customers commissioned me to create hundreds of explained video scripts... It was fascinating, simple, and profitable.
One advantage of producing explained video scripts is that they are usually rather short — frequently just a page — and hence do not need a lot of writing.!!

5. Blog/article creation

Today, blogs used by a massive (and rising) number of businesses. Company blogs, as opposed to personal blogs, use blog postings to teach and educate their current and potential customers with the goal of increasing sales.!!
Whole Foods Market, for example, publishes recipes on its blog. It's free and useful information, but they're hoping you'll buy the ingredients for the dish the next time you visit their shop.!!

It's not only large corporations like Whole Foods.

A small private school, for example, may create a post on one of their recent events, complete with photos of delighted kids and parents and encouraging remarks from those who attended.!! This type of article strengthens their relationship with current students (and their parents), and it also looks fantastic for parents who are investigating the school to determine if they want to send their children there next year.!!
Another example might be a local dry cleaning firm posting a blog on a new friendly cleaning process they've implemented.!! There are as many different sorts of corporate blog posts and articles as there are stars in the sky — and there are plenty of clients searching for writers on Upwork.!!
I know from personal experience that many of those positions are ideal for newcomers. One customer, for example, paid me $125/hr to write very brief (500-700 word) simple blog entries explaining the many services they provided.!! They came up with the themes and even gave me a framework for each post; my job was simply just to put it all into words in a beautiful article format.!!
Proofreading may not appear to be a beginner-friendly task, but it may be under the right conditions...
Again, the idea is to limit yourself to tiny, uncomplicated, straightforward tasks. So, for example, if a customer requires proofreading for a 600-page document chock-full of technical jargon and Latin scientific terminology, a total beginner would not be a suitable choice!!!
Consider a different scenario: one of my first Upwork clients needs certain articles to proofread./...
He didn't care about immaculate language or precise respect to English standards or style; he simply knew his articles were riddled with glaring errors and needed someone to conduct a simple cleaning, primarily just repairing the typos./...
A high school student might have done the job based on his requirements.
This is another area where I've received criticism from the Old Pros, who believe you need to be a genius to be a proofreader, but my experience indicates that's not the case./...
A positive attitude, an eye for detail, and a basic understanding of written English (or whatever language you happen to be proofreading in) may enough for many clients' demands...

7. Miscellaneous duties

As you may have guessed by now, almost any tiny, easy Upwork task may be a wonderful chance for novices.
Over the years, I've seen numerous niche-type tasks that, although not popular enough to build a career out of, can certainly be fantastic chances if you're new to Upwork and simply want to acquire some experience, cash, and positive ratings...
Here are some concrete, real-world examples:
A customer once paid me $30 per hour to watch YouTube videos and summarize them in a few bullet points.
Another customer paid me $40 per hour to edit their "boring" employment advertising to make them more interesting and entertaining...
My student earned his first Upwork job installing a basic WordPress plugin, which any high school kid could have done in under 10 minutes...
It's worth noting that none of these items need any particular education, training, or extensive experience...
So, the next time you're browsing the latest job postings on Upwork, keep an eye out for anything that could suit the bill, even if it doesn't quite match any of the categories I've described above...

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