Top 9 Sites for Paid Blogging Jobs

Top 9 Sites for Paid Blogging Jobs

If you're a writer searching for a paid blogging job, check out this list of 10 websites where you can discover blogger employment...
Most blogging positions pay per post (often between 300 and 500 words) and must a regular publishing schedule... Rates range from $5 to $50 for each post, depending on how involved each post must be. Ad revenue sharing is also available in some positions.
Be careful of employment that pays on the basis of revenue sharing, especially from newer sites... It's only worthwhile if the site is somewhat large and has a consistent cash source.


2. Performancing

3. Freelance Writing Jobs

4. Writer's Weekly

5. Authority Blogger Forums

6. Poe War

7. Craigslist

8. Elance

9. Media Bistro


Type of resource: blogging-specific employment board ($50 to advertise a job).
It seems to reason that offers the finest marketplace for connecting publishers and bloggers... For years, Darren Rowse, pro blogging expert, and co-founder of blog network b5media has been educating bloggers on how to make money... Darren not only demonstrates how to get started as a rookie blogger, but he also addresses advanced pro blogging subjects to help you develop your blogging abilities...
As a result of this atmosphere, the job board attracts a knowledgeable audience of bloggers (excellent applications), attracting the best job posts (highest paying/most prestigious possibilities)...


Type of resource: a blogger community with a job board for bloggers (free to post a job)
Where can I find work? In the forum "Blogger Jobs." (In the main menu, choose "Forums," then scroll down to locate the "Blogger Jobs" thread.)
Performance is a blog community comprised of several bloggers. Every week, about 5 new job postings to the employment forum. The Peformancing blog is a fantastic resource for aspiring professional bloggers.

3.Freelance Writing Jobs

Type of resource: a blog for freelance writers with a job leads the category.
Where can I find work? For a list of blogger employment vacancies, see the Writing Gigs page. Because they do not accept low-paying jobs, there are high-quality blogging jobs listed here...
Freelance Writing Employment is a blog dedicated to assisting authors in finding writing jobs... Especially if they pay a decent income. Every day, there are many entries, including job postings and informative information about freelance writing...

4.Writer's Weekly

Reference Type: A freelance writer's resource site featuring a weekly job postings collection.
Where can I find work? They're labeled "Markets" on the main menu. It's a weekly article featuring a compilation of (what appears to be) all the new writing jobs on the web.
Writer's Weekly is an old-school site for freelance writers (published since 1997). Don't the design style of the 1990s. There's a lot of valuable information on this page.

5.Authority Blogger Forums

Blogger forums are one type of resource (free to post a job)
Where can I find work? They may in the "Want, Need, Offer" topic.
Chris Garrett, a pro blogging master, established the Authority Blogger forum group. There is a great blogging community here that helps each other write better blogs.

6.Poe War

Type of resource: a blog and resource site for freelance writers with a job board ($50 to post a job).
Where can I find work? In the main menu, select "Jobs by Category." Blogging jobs are often classified as "Online/Web" or "Freelance." Many relevant positions will state "Web content editor/writer" rather than "blogger," so check the job listings...

Poe War is a renowned freelance writer resource site and blog. For serious essays and lessons, look through the "Articles" section's index of freelance articles...


City-specific internet classifieds ($25 to advertise a job in a single city)
Where can I find work? Writing jobs may in the job listings under the "Writing/Editing" category. , you'll have to visit each city first. Because blogging is not city-specific, it's worthwhile to look at the listings in all the main cities...
Craigslist is still (by far) the most popular online classifieds site, and it is a fantastic source of freelance writing work... To save time and effort, follow freelance writing blogs (such as Freelance Writing Work), as they feature jobs advertised on Craigslist...


Type of resource: freelance job board (free to post a job)
Where can I find work? Click the "Find Work" tab, then type "blogger" into the search box.
Elance is a big marketplace for various sorts of freelancers. Elance is a global marketplace for freelance labor, offering anything from data entry to Web design to programming to writing... Every day, new blogging positions.

9.Media Bistro

Type of resource: a media industry site featuring a job board ($279 to advertise a position)
Where can I find work? To access the job postings, navigate to the "Jobs" option in the main menu. In the search box on the left, type "blog." You may also look into the "Online / New Media" area for other options.
Media Bistro is a comprehensive resource for anybody involved in the content/creative industries... This covers internet media, public relations, authors, editors, producers, and so on. This is where the major media companies (magazines, newspapers) will advertise employment openings.

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