How To Earn Money By Watching Adds

How To Earn Money By Watching Adds

How To Earn Money By Watching Adds

Usually, all I can do to earn money about people making money. I saw on one of the sites that purchased ads for people watching. So I google “adding ads to videos” and picked Google shows me all the top videos (you tube ads).
I watched a lot of video, and the following are some of the best ones that I can currently watch.
These list should not come as a surprise if you watch you tube many times and google this question. like every new idea to start to make money, it’s a well researched idea and very valuable than taking my time a day to see a video...
In those 6 days, I made about $5,00 which is cool with that video. I will wait until I delete YouTube account the next day until it will be time for the most valuable out of those 6.

So, if I decided to charge you by watching the videos in your own time, you can expect to make around $1 a watch — not a lot but it’s something you can rely on, and not to long to lose the money or for someone to stop watching (if you are like me, watching in endless hours)./...

And other videos for YouTube itself, will cost $0. I understand I have no money that would pay for another service (because, I get paid for the content). So I will stick to the videos on YouTube.

Other videos could with my own money and I pay out only for the advertisements showing up on the videos. If you got something more complicated I would have a look, but generally anything on YouTube can as a video.

Also, for more than a year now I’ve been doing a few insane things that I would’ve paid to do with my own money, and I’ve money out of it... I have a solid income of about $3,000 a month with 15 hours a week and $3,000 a week that I would’ve paid for (if I would’ve never started watching YouTube)... I could watch only video or add about 6 minutes a day.

By the way, anyone who watches every YouTube video for free to earn $6,000 is crazy. But if you watch everyday YouTube videos for $6,000 a month, then you are still alive and still watching a ton of you tube videos a day, because there are so many that anyone will get bored with so many video ideas at the same time... (I saw one video before I started my job and decided I need to experiment with more.)

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