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my job is to make- to develop, to entertain, to practice. I’m also studying Information Security & thesis writing.

New year didn’t bring me here, I’m here to bring my family and friends with me. After coming to Pakistan I’ve interviewed the leadership at amir partner, their vision, and their philosophy... I loved their way of working, their culture, their ambition. I don’t know about you, but after a month my mood changed. I encouraged in my career, for myself, but also as a person. In short I have been doing what others should have been doing, but how can they are not doing what I am doing, and how can they have said and done what I am doing???

I could sit here in my apartment writing (and not knowing how to), or interview. (of the stage of life) at uaei, but I want to enjoy my life. I’m tired of arguing with my parents over what I am doing. It was a new beginning for me and so new for them as well. But how am I living now that I’m in Pakistan? Pretty well, actually.

what have I learned in the past month? My natural instinct is to spend my money and time somewhere, so I have been working out and eating. watching my weight, exercising, and learning new things. For my research, I have emailed all the leading universities in the country. and I have done meetings there as well. I am offered many, many projects but I could be doing anything you are doing. You know, I made a decision to adapt and decided to turn the cat. Back to research, to New York. Research keeps me in touch with nature, people, family, and wherever I am doing research.

When I am on the road I sit in my vehicle and write letters. And you know what writing makes me feel good. It inspires me to create. Sometimes I lose track of what I write and feel as if writing is a therapy. The best part is I get to share my work with people that I have a deep connection with. Writing provides me with a mental break, a time to reflect, and a way to reflect on my day. Writing also enables me to understand people and how they view me as an individual. and how they are able to disagree and still stay friends with one another. As a writer I have taught that if you are into reading. you should read the most interesting stories and about people. who do interesting things. I started reading more and becoming a better reader as well. Reading has improved my intellectual ability and understanding of myself.

I am a product writer, so what I do every day is develop websites and other products. or write website.writing for someone else. In the Pakistan I have found the internet to be very friendly. I have been interacting with people everywhere. I have also spent more time doing online sales research and customer service-hiring. I have gained so much insight on my most loyal customers that I can now communicate. they love to spend their time and money with me. All these things are because of my work. I also find myself online watching, social media. doing my online marketing and marketing. that my work will help me in my future as I focus less on my business and more on fulfilling my potential.

I am also determined to help build bridges among the different communities. Being able to connect to the online world, despite where I am, is what makes me happy.

What is my mission? My mission is to be a champion for my parents. They gave me the platform. They would never give me all the things I have today. I have not given them anything at all. I do want to give something back to my parents and provide them with something they can be proud of. I want to make them proud of me, I want to have my own family.

About me: I am part of Mozilla. I do write for the ever winning community. But writing is the beginning, I have many projects in the works.

What are my future goals? To discover my true ambition, I would like to design product visualizations. design and develop larger scale products. One of my goals for the company I am currently working with. is to promote team collaboration and discovery. I am also planning to find ways to help my colleagues in how they can help others. Also, I am also planning to work with Paragon on strategic accounting.

I would like to keep working hard, I am not lazy. I work to get my inspiration, and it reflects back to me.

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