Jobs Interview In Pakistan


Jobs interviewing are the most vital part in an application. It is very necessary to find the best job interviewers who are answerable to the hiring managers’ concerns and expectations... The following presents my perspective on jobs interview in Pakistan.

Name of the Company

I worked for a bank on a consultant basis. I was hire to carry out the above interviews as consultant to conduct the interviews. I did the interviews on 2 cases, very professionally and professionally with regard to each case...

Business Head After selling my books at the book fair, I was then hired by PIA

Job Interview Method

For each interview, I conducted video interviews. This technique was very fruitful in checking the creativity and knowledge of candidates. We recorded interviews for over 18 hours.

Interviews were conduct during weekends for which I never had any personal time. Interviewer’s approaches were never aggressive or aggressive.

Video Interview Method

The interviews were record . The procedure was pretty simple. First, the job application was receive and I downloaded the profiles of the vacant positions of both branches...
These profiles were then uploaded in the online database of PIA and placed in candidates’ name as the preferred candidates... An e-mail sent to each candidate inviting them to take part in interviews. I verified the e-mail identity by asking the candidate for their password to enter the interview... Once they had entered the login, they were ask for a valid email ID and phone number. It was after this that the interview started with HR answering most of the questions via web-conferencing... My conversations were recorded for over an hour...

Working Methods

I was hirr as a consultant to conduct the interviews. This enabled me to conduct interviews as a part of my career progression. I also served as a worker on the payroll department. I worked my way up the chain until I got transferred to the human resource division. I engaged to work in PIA HR section, wherein I was responsible for all the routine HR activities.

These were interviews conducted through desktop computers. I was email the interviewing schedules and told to reach out to the interviewees whenever possible... The interview scheduled would be in late afternoon and 5 pm.

Interviewer’s Views on My Performance

Interviewer’s views


My views on my performance are quite positive. During the course of my six months with the company, I have focused and worked hard to pay my dues. I have reduced my expenses and worked smartly to minimize my impact on the company and make it financially friendly... I am indebted to my boss who was attentive and kind to me, and I am grateful for the work he has done.


My performance was above par. I have dedicated my entire life in PIA HR department. I worked with the department for over one and half months to add value to the company.


I am pleased with my performance for which I am indebted to my boss and I want to thank him.


I am not very satisfied with the development of my job but it is my role to attend all the training.

Interviews Questions and Answers

Willingness and ambition to attend a training programmer

Number of interviewees

Number of interviewees


Quality of dress

Number of interviewees

Interviews were schedule every other Monday and Friday.

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