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How Much Do Digital Freelancers Make

Digital freelancing is a booming field that is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after jobs in the future. It is estimated that by 2019, while the world’s population will be around 6.5 billion, the number of people working in this field will reach 2.8 billion and make up an estimated 73% of all global employment.

The average salary for digital freelance marketers working out of the US is $66,206 a year, which works out to a pretty good paycheck if you’re doing it from your home office. A digital marketing manager working out of the UK can expect an average salary of about 66,206 $ a year and can brag about making more than double that amount from their work. The demand for digital freelancers is growing by leaps and bounds as more people are facing life in a digital age and need someone to help them with the creative part of their business.

TEXT: Assuming you have some experience in this area, how much would you pay an experienced digital freelancer? What would it cost? Does your area have any special requirements?

For instance with freelance photographers or illustrators who are willing to work remotely through Skype or FaceTime? What about one who has extensive experience in social media marketing but prefers not to travel? You might also be interested in finding one who focuses on adsense pages and videos targeted at children?

TEXT: How much do you think they would be worth if they were doing it full time instead? Do you think they would be making more or less than what your company pays them now? Would they bring in more work or less work?

How to Make the Most of Your Social Media Job Prospect

The social media industry is a booming one, with the biggest names like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all having branches in this space. These companies are looking for talented freelancers who can help them create engaging and entertaining content.

If you’re ready to give freelance blogging a try, we have just the guide for you. In this article we will show you the information you need to know about digital freelancing and how you can earn from your skills.

A successful freelance career requires much more than just writing and social media marketing. You need to master your craft in every facet of digital marketing to ensure that your clients are happy with what you deliver. If you're not careful though, it can all go horribly wrong if you don't take the time to learn new skills or manage your finances properly.

We've taken care of that for you so that it's easier than ever before! We've analysed both the supply and demand sides of digital freelancing and created an informative guide which will help you make sure that you get paid on time every month of the year!

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Skills and Experience That Will Help You Get Hired

The average freelance digital marketer in the US is expected to earn $66,206 per year. If you are seeking a specific freelance opportunity or an affordable freelance career plan, you should hire a digital freelancing expert who can help you leverage the Internet more effectively. They can provide you with the most up-to-date information and point you in the right direction. For those who want to learn about branding and how to go about it without spending a lot of money, hiring a digital freelancing expert will be helpful. They can tell you what type of content your company needs at an affordable price and also suggest creative ways of getting it done.

The Digital Job Marketing


“If you’re not hustling, you’re wasting your time. Hire a digital marketer. They do the work for you. Find them on the internet and go talk to them. Get to know them. Trust them. And above all, hire smart people who love what they do, just like you do and do it well.”

― Pete Ellis

Freelancers are a dime a dozen. This is one of the most lucrative jobs in the digital space. However, what might be surprising to many is that it’s not always the best fit for everyone!

The question of whether freelance work is worth pursuing has been debated for years. But there’s no denying that freelancing is on the rise and that more people are beginning to explore this as a career path. The average salary for digital marketer in the US is $66,206 per year, and this can vary hugely depending on which state you live in and your industry. Digital advertising agency owners can expect an average salary of about $20 million per year, while digital marketing managers working out of the UK can expect an average salary of about £36,000 (£42,000).

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